Linn County

Web Subscription Fees, Information and Application

Advanced Real Estate Website w/GIS Mapping Subscription, $365 /year

The Advanced Website is designed to bring the Assessor's Office to you 24/7. This website is beneficial to those in the Real Estate profession, including appraisers, abstractors, surveyors, real estate agents/brokers, and insurance agents. The Advanced Subscription includes access to all property record information, property record cards in PDF format & up-to-date GIS aerial maps w/mapping tools.

Standard Real Estate Website Subscription, $300/year

The Standard Website Subscription is designed for those who only need property data. The Standard subscription includes access to all property record information and property record cards in PDF format.

Payment & Renewal Information:

Both subscriptions are sold yearly, with a renewal date of January 1st. Subscriptions will be prorated for those subscribing after the subscription year begins. At this time, a yearly subscription is all that is available.

Please note: Linn County will only accept payments made by cash or check.


Linn County reserves the right to refuse a subscription request or to terminate a subscription for improper use.

Please be reminded these data services are available as a convenience for the users of the data and in no way is intended to replace the need for physical inspections or verifications. The associated ownership data is assumed to be correct but may not necessarily be, and as such anyone making decisions or assumptions based on the associated data does so at their own risk. Neither Linn County, Vanguard, nor Midland GIS Solutions can be held responsible for consequences that result in the use or misuse of this site or the data contained herein.

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